Medik8 Products

At Flawless Skin, we use Medik8 professional skincare products for all of our treatment protocols and we are a stockist for their complete range of cosmeceuticals.

Medik8 products and treatments are not like ordinary cosmetic skincare creams and therefore are only available from qualified and trained skincare professionals.

Medik8 is an award winning, global skincare brand designed, developed and formulated by a team of biochemists and pharmacologists in their UK biotechnology research facility.

Medik8 only make professional strength products with proven technologies.  Medik8 products are specifically designed to target skin ageing, blemishes, redness, pigmentation, dryness and dark circles.

Medik8 believe in:-

  • Solution specific products
  • Proven results
  • Professional strength ingredients
  • Highly stable formulae with well documented and original research
  • Core anti-ageing philosophy for every woman
  • Ingredients that minimise irritation
  • Lab quality: hand engineered in small batches
  • Green chemistry & eco-friendly packaging

Medik8 were the First Green Cosmeceutical Brand utilising:-

  • Bio-available ingredients
  • Green chemistry technologies
  • 100% Soap-free
  • No harsh detergents
  • SLES, SLS & Sulphate Free
  • 100% Paraben Free (by the end of 2009)
  • Environmental Group FSC Approved Packaging

Most skin is sensitive, it is just to what degree. A simple change of washing powder can demonstrate this. People of all ages and skin types can periodically suffer from sensitive skin, making them particularly susceptible to certain irritating cosmeceutical ingredients. In fact, those suffering from acne, rosacea or psoriasis usually have greater skin sensitivity, which can be exacerbated by some aggressive treatment products that they use. Medik8 is a skin research company pioneering the cosmeceutical technology of providing products suitable for sensitive skin without compromising efficacy, so they may be used by everyone. It is a myth that a product designed for sensitive skin would not be as effective just because it is less irritating. It was previously incorrectly assumed that aggressive products causing significant inflammation gave the best results (the idea being that aggressive products provoke a healing response) but current opinion, based on the latest research, is that excessive inflammation can damage cells causing long term skin damage and perversely causing premature skin ageing. The challenge for Medik8 is to make effective ingredients less aggressive without reducing potency. They do this in many ways; for example:

  • using film-encapsulation,
  • chirally correct actives,
  • non-acidic derivatives
  • patented telomere extenders
  • avoiding unnecessary base actives
  • pH balancing all formulae
  • not using harsh detergents or soaps
  • selecting carrier oils based on skin compatibility


Micro Skin Needling

Micro Skin Needling
Percutaneous Collagen Induction (skin needling) is a skin rejuvenation treatment that helps to support the skins regeneration of collagen and elastin through a natural healing process.

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Medical Peels

Medical Peels
Chemical Peels are Keryolitic agents, they are able to breakdown proteins within the skin causing them to die off. The result is removal of damaged or abnormal cells and the replacement of healthier ones.

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LED Treatments

LED is a painless skin-care treatment that plumps up aging skin by boosting collagen production, and treats mild to moderate acne by killing the bacteria responsible for breakouts.

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